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Hi Townies,

Last publish a year ago? Aduih... Since then I've a few more projects yet to upload. Sigh... Sedih... so busy! Now dah ada anak lagi la busy nye. Macamana nk jadi business woman camni?

Laser-Cut Butterfly Favour Box - Red  

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Item code: #00176903
Price: RM 1.70/pc (inclusive ribbon!)
Minimum order: 120 pcs*
Materials: Card paper - white & red
Embellishment: Ribbon - white
Approximate Size: 6.5 x 5.0 x 5.0 cm

Fill them with chocolates, Jordan almonds, cinnamon hearts - or whatever your heart desires. The butterfly design always make a garden wedding more beautiful.

* The more you order, the more discount you will receive! Please contact us for more information.

Bridal Bouquets  

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Hello Townies!

Hope you guys are well today. We are already in the middle of the week! Time flies, Syawal had gone by almost in its 10th days. So have you started your Puasa Enam? I'm very sure there will be a lot of wedding and open house invitations to fill and attend this weekend.

This time around I'd like to share with you some bridal bouquet ideas. I'm very sure this is a small matter to almost every bride out there as it is usually comes with the package of the wedding dress. But for those couples who like to customize and plan every single thing for their wedding I do hope that this piece of article will help you out there.

But first thing off... WHY oh WHY do we (the bride) really need this seemingly not necessary thing? Below are some of the reasons that I think why it is first created.
  • Traditional wedding dress used to be in white or cream, a bouquet of flowers will tie the color nicely.
  • Brides tend to be nervous. They definitely need something to hold on to, take off their mind & conceal the shaking hands.
  • A cleverly arranged bouquet will conceal certain weaknesses to the physiques of the bride. E.g. make the bride looks taller, hide the extra fats around the tummy, hold a small purse for powder puffs, etc.
I think the three reasons listed are the strongest reasons, so next time if you think that it is not necessary or any shape of arrangement, color or type of flowers will do, think again! Let's move on to some samples that I think is commonly available as well as some unique ones. For this article, I will only cover on some generic bridal bouquets. There will be another post (insyaAllah) on some DIY and really unique ones.

These two samples are the most common arrangement for a bridal bouquet. It can come in different colors and type of flowers but they have an arrangement of semi-sphere with stem for the bride to hold on to. It can be made from artificial flowers or fresh flowers. One important tip for arrangements using fresh flowers like these - make sure that the florist take off all the torns (if they're roses) and cover the stems thoroughly from the bottom of the cut stems to avoid any stain to your lovely dress. Also to add some grip to the bouquet.

Another common type is the trailing bouquet that starts off big at the top and trailing down. It is usually very big in size and the length can be up to 2 feet long (from top to bottom end).

This type of arrangement is suitable for those medium to big-sized brides as it will make them look slimmer and taller. It can also hide the flabby tummy perfectly. One perfect example is in the picture of the bride (right).

Now, the picture above shows a bouquet that we usually saw dangling from the top of the ceiling near the dais or the reception table. It is VERY rare to see it used as a bridal bouquet although it has the same potential. Most of the time, this type of bouquet is used by the bridesmaid.

I love this idea of a bouquet. A clever florist can actually create a purse out of the fan-like arrangement for the bride to use as her temporary emergency stash for angpows, tissue and powder puff - or in this ever modern world, a mobile phone.

Those listed above are some of the ideas for a bridal bouquets. I do have some more pictures to share, but it will be saved for later. I apologize for not sharing all the source of the pictures as some of it has been collected years ago and I already forgotten where I picked it :D But as a disclaimer, none of the pictures shared here are from me.

Hope you enjoy the cuci mata. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

English Garden  

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Hi Townies!

This is the first post in the section for The Art of Giving. I thought I might as well start a new category since I've been posting a lot of photos in one of my photo album over in my Facebook. It's better to start recording it here with some explanation as to how I've come up with the ideas.

First of is a gift for a very dear friend who was engaged end of last year in Melaka. Her wedding will be end of this year (yeah, that's how long the photo has been up there). The theme for the gift was 'English Garden'. Bear in mind that almost all of the ideas under this category will come from recycled/reused goods/wrappers, etc so you might not get all of the materials as per what it is. This is simply an IDEA of how you can decorate and elaborate on your gifts so that it is personally customized.

The gift is a book, wrapped using an off-white crepe paper, laced with paper ribbon on top and an old corsage also made from paper ribbons. The pink paper ribbon already came with those decorative holes and you can get it easily at Living Cabin. Take a closer look at the picture below.

Since it is a book, I've made another custom bookmark to come along with it (slightly BIG hehe), also using a the same crepe paper and paper ribbon to match with some additional champagne colored rose buds to match the corsage's roses and a cloth ribbon to tie up the bookmark. This bookmark also acted as a gift tag since I wrote something (well-wishes, but I think you guys don't have to read it hihi) behind it.


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Waaahhh bersawang-sawang!! Huhuhu I haven't update and upload the purple hantaran for my husband's cousin's wedding yet! Oh no! All of them are in the other CPU which is not connected. I will do that sometime within this week (oh jangan janji je!!). In the meantime just to tell you that I've been busy and lazy because... I'm pregnant!

Well, am already near the end of the third trimester, just waiting for the baby to arrive. It has been a challenging pregnancy with me going in and out of the hospital huhuhu... let's pray to Allah that everything will be okay when the time comes.

I do have some other thing that I've been meaning to share with you with regards to wedding planning. Just hoping to get my hands on the images to go along with the post.