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Hi Townies!

This is the first post in the section for The Art of Giving. I thought I might as well start a new category since I've been posting a lot of photos in one of my photo album over in my Facebook. It's better to start recording it here with some explanation as to how I've come up with the ideas.

First of is a gift for a very dear friend who was engaged end of last year in Melaka. Her wedding will be end of this year (yeah, that's how long the photo has been up there). The theme for the gift was 'English Garden'. Bear in mind that almost all of the ideas under this category will come from recycled/reused goods/wrappers, etc so you might not get all of the materials as per what it is. This is simply an IDEA of how you can decorate and elaborate on your gifts so that it is personally customized.

The gift is a book, wrapped using an off-white crepe paper, laced with paper ribbon on top and an old corsage also made from paper ribbons. The pink paper ribbon already came with those decorative holes and you can get it easily at Living Cabin. Take a closer look at the picture below.

Since it is a book, I've made another custom bookmark to come along with it (slightly BIG hehe), also using a the same crepe paper and paper ribbon to match with some additional champagne colored rose buds to match the corsage's roses and a cloth ribbon to tie up the bookmark. This bookmark also acted as a gift tag since I wrote something (well-wishes, but I think you guys don't have to read it hihi) behind it.

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